Rota-Dent Plus Contour Electric Toothbrush 2014 MODEL

Rota-Dent Plus Contour Electric Toothbrush 2014 MODEL


Rotadent Contour

Introducing Zila’s newest Rotadent offering: Rotadent Contour.

At Zila, we consider Rotadent to be the cornerstone of patient health, knowing that a patient’s homecare routine is the largest contributor to their oral health.

  1. Rotadent is more than a toothbrush – it’s a disease-fighting homecare instrument

  2. Unique 360-degree rotation and MicroAccess filaments effectively reach interproximally and below the gumline, removing 92% of plaque in just one minute

  3. Clinically proven to be as effective as manual brushing and flossing

Rotadent Contour comes in an all-inclusive travel case that includes:

  • Rotadent Contour brush handle

  • One hollow-tip brush head

  • One short-tip brush head

  • Charger

  • 4-year limited warranty


  • Clean and Gentle speed modes help patients adjust to their sensitivity needs

  • Durable, all-inclusive travel case for patients to easily take Contour wherever they go

  • Three-week battery life

  • Non-slip rubber grip ridges

  • Two-inch charger base footprint

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